A group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of Niagara’s natural heritage has been diligently working over the past several years and a land trust for Niagara has now been successfully established. The Niagara Land Trust Foundation (NLT) was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2008 and is a registered charity.

These individuals have been able to establish broad community support by recruiting a membership reflecting the various communities and diverse interests within the Niagara Peninsula. Led by the former mayor of Fort Erie, Wayne Redekop, the membership includes farmers, foresters, scientists, educators, businessmen, environmental consultants and, of course, naturalists.

A land trust is a non-profit, charitable organization that has as one of its core activities the acquisition of land or interests in land for the purposes of protecting and conserving it. A land trust takes direct action to protect the local land base and holds lands in trust for future generations.

As naturalists we strongly support the mission of the Niagara Land Trust in that their efforts will help ensure a verdant, healthy and prosperous future for Niagara.