Newfoundland Puffins & More
Speakers: Margaret Pickles
Date: Jan 16
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Our regular meeting location

The Bert Miller Nature Club will be welcoming in 2017 on January 16th with our first meeting of the new year. Our guest speaker is Margaret Pickles who has charmed us with her presentations in the past. This visit is sure to be one that all will enjoy.

Margaret is a science professor at Niagara College, but she is also known as the "Bug Lady" because of her enthusiasm for sharing with others all things interesting about insects.

Since Margaret moved to Niagara Falls 20 years ago, she has been involved with the Niagara Falls Nature club. Her association with all the nature clubs in the area has brought her a new appreciation of birds, and she has to admit that she is now a birder, as well as an entomologist.

In July of 2015, Margaret and her husband, Peter Johnson, took their third trip to Newfoundland. They had been blessed with great weather on their previous visits, but this was a cold and damp trip. It was worth it, however, for the opportunity to see Puffins up close. The small town of Elliston, on Bonavista peninsula, is home to the most accessible population of Puffins in Newfoundland.

This evening, Margaret is taking us on a tour of Avalon and Bonavista, Newfoundland, to see lots of wildlife, great scenery, and best of all, Atlantic Puffins up close. Don`t miss this opportunity to visit this beautiful province and savour its amazing natural environment. Members of the public are always welcome to join us.

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Butterfly Festival

The Bert Miller Nature Club Proudly Presents a Butterfly Festival!

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Lake Erie Coast Project
Lake Erie Coast Project

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Lyme Disease

Ontario Public Health Division fact sheet on Lyme Disease.

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Free Family Event-Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ahhh, fresh air, family time and a chance to learn about birds along the Niagara River. Join the Bert Miller Nature Club on Sat. Jan. 7th and Sun. Jan. 15th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. We will START at the parking lot on Lakeshore Rd. east of historical Old Fort Erie. IF YOU MISS US BY THE FORT, LOOK FOR US FURTHER DOWN RIVER IN FORT ERIE. See birds up close by sharing our spotting scopes and binoculars or bring your own. Don't forget your cameras. You never know what photo opportunities will take flight.

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Our Shared Concern
The 10 Melbourne Principles

The increasing conflict between human activities and the biosphere is unsustainable – the climate is changing, biodiversity is decreasing, habitats are being lost and most ecological systems have been significantly altered. If human society is going to prosper in the future, we must immediately adopt ecologically sustainable practices. In 2002 the U.N. Environmental Program proposed the "Melbourne Principles" as a guide to an equitable and sustainable future. In 2009 the Region of Niagara incorporated these principles into the Regional Policy Plan. The Bert Miller Nature Club is now asking that everyone in the environmental community become familiar with the Melbourne Principles and insist that they be applied in their communities as the standard of practice.

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